I have set several ambitious goals for myself this month.  I have made a commitment to spend a certain amount of time every day seeking God, and a certain amount of time writing.  I struggle with goal setting and being accountable, so I made the decision to be committed and accountable!  But it is week number three, and life has been busy … I haven’t met my commitments this week. So today, I am going to GET BUSY, do the job, complete the task …get it done.

I am doing my “God time”, making an effort to slow down, but my mind keeps rushing ahead to what I should write about.  I am doing my daily Bible reading – searching for a good theme.  I am journaling – and my mind races ahead, always racing to the task ahead.  It is a struggle, and today this is frustrating.

This is what I write in my journal… “It is hard to sit and listen.”


I am taking a counseling course, and one of the modules deals with Listening Skills.


How are my listening skills with God? Do I listen closely enough to repeat back His words? Do I listen to the intention of His words, not just to my projections? Do I listen intently enough to ask good questions? Do I really know HOW to listen? Or do I just grab a few “good words” and race off with my interpretation? Do I listen?  Am I listening now?

Shhhhhhh…… listen.

 Ronda, this is about the time you spend with Me.  It is about the time you spend talking … and the time you spend LISTENING. It is about the conversation.  It is about our interaction.  It is not about the task. It is about our relationship. It is about you and Me. 

 Samuel 3:10     Then God came and stood before Him exactly as before, calling out, “Samuel! Samuel!”

Samuel answered, “Speak.  I’m your servant, ready to listen.”


Father, I did hear that… I am ready to listen.

I want my listening skills to be better than my talking skills.

Help me today to be in an attitude of LISTENING.

Help me to listen … and to hear.

 Shhhh …..I am listening.


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