Come Away

“Come away with me

Come away with me

It’s never too late

It’s never too late for you

I have a plan for you

Its gonna be wild

Its gonna be great”

(Lyrics from Come Away by Jesus Culture)

I began this journey, this adventure, with an invitation.  Perhaps it is the season in my life, but I feel the call to challenge my fears and self imposed limitations.  Writing with the intention of eventually putting my words “out there” in a blog was one of my challenges.  The world of “my spirit” was another area of challenge.  I have asked a lot of questions and explored many avenues and forms of spirituality.  I have found the place where my heart resonates and is at peace, but I wanted to press beyond the confines of my understanding and take it deeper.

I have been intentional and accountable and committed.  My world has shifted.  I am experiencing a new level of joy and satisfaction in my life. It really has been marvelous.

Then I made my blog public.  Blessed by the response, I feel invigorated by the fact that others have found value in my words. And once again there is a shift.  Now the words tumble to the page with thoughts of how they will appeal to potential readers. I wonder if profound expressions of my faith will offend someone who doesn’t share my beliefs …

How quickly I am distracted!  People pleasing, performance and desire for affirmation overshadow my quest with suffocating speed.

So this morning I return to the call of my spirit by responding to a much greater and glorious Spirit!  I believe God has invited me to “come away with Him.” This does not mean to step away from the reality of my day-to-day life, but it means to ask deeper questions.  It means to seek moments and occasions to press beyond my comfort zone.  It means to hunger for more peace … and more passion in my life.  For me it means to reach deeper into my creativity and partner with God in the various forms of its expression.

I invite you who are participating in this journey – to step away from the noise and busyness of your day.  What is your spirit quietly asking you to respond to? What is your heart yearning for? Where are you going today – ask yourself why? Just turn your music up LOUD  and let your heart SING! I challenge you to take a chance and respond to that deeper resonance in your spirit.

Its never too late, it is NEVER too late.  Who knows what you will find waiting BEYOND your comfort zone!


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