My life is not linear. It is not just one single event after another. It is the result of extravagant, complex, multidimensional strings of actions, reactions and interactions. This very moment is a sparkling moment compressed in time – a product of occurrences 10 minutes ago, 5 years ago, 50 years ago. My life is like a spring compressed – all the known and unknown actions that have preceded this moment, waiting for the energy to be released with unknown potential. It is a miracle.

I was saved from drowning by a young man when I was a toddler – he heard me fall into the water, and caught me as I floated around a bend in the spring-flooded creek. Medical technology intervened during the birth of both of my sons – had I lived a century before the outcome may have been a matter of life and death. My marriage, hanging on by a quickly fraying thread was saved when we attended a Choices seminar – we found strength to fight for the important things in our lives. A thousand little things, a million little things, preceded all of these BIG things.

My life was saved because a mother decided to put her son in swimming lessons. My sons are healthy because someone sought medical advances in childbirth. My life is changed and my marriage is renewed because someone believed they could help people make better decisions.

Whether I live with INTENTION, or without direction – what I do impacts the world around me. There is always an energy I pass on. I can be disengaged and disinterested, or I can be engaged and involved. Whatever I choose, I leave a footprint.

In our fast paced, driven world we talk about “reducing our carbon footprint.” We invest in reducing the impact that our energy use has on the environment. But I WANT to leave a footprint in my world! I want to invest in changed lives and MIRACLES. I want the footprint of my presence to make a difference in the world that I interact with today. If you already practice acts of kindness and gratitude – remember the potential energy that you are releasing in the lives of those you touch. Perhaps your smile or kind words will remind a tired mom to tell her child “I love you”, or remind a stressed father to hug his wife extra tight tonight. The “action” doesn’t end with the action – each moment we engage in is like a compressed spring releasing its energy to the world.

I have a million steps to make in my life. I may not leave my footprint on the moon – but I can leave an impression of LOVE and PEACE and HOPE on the hearts I touch today.

BE the change you wish to see in the world … -Gandhi

What footprints are you leaving today?


2 thoughts on “Footprints

  1. Joy Pritchard-Harris

    Rhonda! You overflow with purpose in your words! You are poetic, poignant, and breathcatching! Your thoughts today captured what I have thought a million times but could never present with such simple brilliance the way you have done. Thank you, thank you for stepping into the light and showing your talent with words. Seeing your wisdom come through in your words allows me to see who you are really. Your insights in all of your blogs have captured my heart and I am a fan! I miss being in the Choices room with you and your husband. I love you so much! Take care.

    Joy Pritchard-Harris

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