The Gift of Receiving

Tis the season…

Of giving; of joy; of Christmas tidings; and family.

Which often translates to the season… Of getting; of stress; of anxiety; and conflict.

It is a season is built around great intentions, but beyond the sparkling lights and brightly colored paper, sometimes all the “giving” leaves a trail of disappointment, selfishness and ingratitude.

So in the midst of all the GIVING, I am wondering what it feels like to truly RECEIVE. What is my HEART RESPONSE when I receive?

Often my “receiving” is dependent upon how I feel about a relationship or myself. If I am not feeling worthy then having to receive makes me feel guarded, ashamed or more unworthy. If I am bitter or resentful in a relationship then receiving is about entitlement, or perhaps increasing bitterness. If I do not love in a relationship then receiving makes me feel selfish or guilty. I am not saying I am always in a negative space!! Rather , I am aware of walls that reflect a negative emotion when I have negativity in my heart and spirit.

So this is what I am coming to understand … receiving is about an open heart. It is about being vulnerable. It is about lowering my defenses and setting aside fears. If I am to enter fully into a state of receiving – my heart must stop its frantic and frenetic defensiveness… and just receive.

The Act of Receiving is my response to the Giver and the Gift. It is about letting the gift – whatever it is, tangible or intangible, material or without physical form – deliver a message. And I have a choice; I can receive it or refuse it. I can let the gift hit a wall, or I can reflect the beauty and grace of receiving. Gratitude, appreciation, sharing, grace, joy and belief are emotions that flow out of an open responsive heart. Genuine receiving is allowing my spirit to be fully open to beauty, to love and relationship.

This is so much more than the packages under the tree!  As my heart and spirit become more responsive, I have more joy and love and delight in the gifts that each day brings.  Each day God lays before me an array of gifts, it is my response that determines what I receive.

Perhaps the greatest gift is not in the giving but in the response. As the season of “giving” approaches, be an open-hearted gracious receiver – your heart will be a blessing to  the world around you.


3 thoughts on “The Gift of Receiving

  1. Anonymous

    To my blue/green friend: It’s not your heart that gets defensive, it’s your mind taking control and rehashing old patterns. Second, I love how you seem to be getting to the freeing word “surrender”- not giving up, just swaying your branches in the wind.

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