Simply Peace

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Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Is that  possible?

Last Friday morning while I was posting a blog about REJOICING – an unforgettable moment was being engraved on the pages of history.

I don’t want to be another clanging cymbal adding my banging to this profoundly sad tragedy.  But I have this desperate cry in my heart for peace.

Twenty six families are facing an unfathomable ocean of grief and sorrow.

… And there is an unbearable cacophony of voices battling to be heard.

“Peace on earth , goodwill to men” –  traditional words of the Christmas season. When is the last time I saw or heard those words? Truthfully I don’t remember!

There is an ocean of words I want to use to describe how I feel about what happened a week ago.  Ultimately, it boils down to this –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world …” Gandhi

These words have been coming before me again and again. Change must begin in ME.  BE the change.  Embody.  Personify. Demonstrate.  Express.  In ME, from ME, through ME – this is how change begins.

I am angry about the intolerance, violence and hate in our world.

So I must invest compassion, peace and love into my world.  This is the greatest weapon I have.  It is something I can do – and it will make a difference.  For today, it will not change the grief the world is experiencing.  But a week ago, someone made a decision to engage in violence.  How do I know that the decision I make today won’t make a profound impact on someone tomorrow?  It is not a small or passive thought!  It is a decision to be INTENTIONAL, to ENGAGE, and CONSCIOUSLY participate with compassion, peace and love.

Today, I seek to place PEACE in my heart.

Today, I will give PEACE to the world around me.

It begins in ME.

Peace on earth – it is possible.

It is the season of giving.   What gift do you offer the world today? Share with me – I would love to hear!


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