I Can’t Change the d*** Picture!


O my – it has been a week!

Monday feels like a month ago.  Monday morning, the list lay before me – full of good exciting, ”living my purpose” things.  My husband was preparing to fly to Florida to help coach at a marriage seminar.  I planned on putting the finishing touches on my new website  (a completion of one of my BIG steps).

And then the week began … in earnest.

My husband became VERY sick with the flu, and HIGH temperature. My eye condition flares up – it feels unmanageable.  The food in my freezer is NOT frozen. The boys are experiencing some frustrating work-related issues and need to talk.  My new email address is not working.  I lose 2 ½ hours of my editing on the website.  Barry recovers, but has an irritating seat companion on his flight, and then arrives in Florida with his IPAD missing.  And one of “our” couples is in crisis – well not just one!  I want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head – AGGGHHH!

Let me tell you about my website experience.  I decided to use a “preformatted web site” since this is my first go at it.  But I need to edit text, and add a few pages.  So I create a new page – with a bold title RELATIONSHIP COACHING, with glorious words flowing after.   My husband and I work with couples in CRISIS, so the words need to be sensitive, hopeful and encouraging. The page is great, words are great … but wait! – There is a preformatted picture!  Right beside the impressive headline RELATIONSHIP COACHING is a picture of two handsome smiling men.  Really? I panic.  I have no negative reflections about an alternative lifestyle – but I don’t want to create an impression that I can coach gay men!  Honestly – no judgments, but o my goodness, it would not be my coaching niche or area of expertise!  And I can’t seem to move or edit or insert a new picture. Then I hit a WRONG BUTTON – all my editing, writing – gone.  When I tried to change the picture – I lost everything.

Wow – did you hear that?

When I tried to change the picture – I lost everything.

I was angry, frustrated.  I could have cried.  Panic, worry, anxiety.  Lost IPAD, unfrozen food, relationship crisis, kids needing help, medical issues.  It all appeared in the format of life, in an unexpected place, time and position.  I couldn’t change the damn picture.  The picture was not consistent with my intentions and plans for my week.  My life, like my web page, was supposed to have a pre-determined, specific content and purpose this week.

But the picture did not fit – and I wanted and desperately needed to change it!

When I tried to change the picture – I lost everything.

Long pause. Long, long contemplative pause…………….


My picture, …a different button to push, …a different way to respond.  It wasn’t necessary for me to lose everything!  I have been saying that I am learning to “move with the flow,” in my life.  This week I faced much resistance to MY plans.  Instead of frantically trying to DELETE the website picture, what if I laughed at the irony and absurdity of it?  What if I faced the opposition in my life with peace and calm?  It isn’t always possible in the moment, I know.  But what if I choose to trust that each trial is an opportunity for me to learn something new?  By embracing the challenge, and seeking God, and new answers – I receive answers to prayer, and PARTICIPATE in MIRACLES.

I will fast forward to the end of my week.  I DID choose to embrace peace, and acceptance of the challenges. My blog is finally being written.   The food in the freezer is frozen. The worries of my sons have been resolved. I have a new relationship with a web designer.  I am learning SO SO much about the WEB and technology, and in so doing, moving closer to fulfillment of my dreams and goals.  MIRACLE – My husbands’s IPAD has been found and returned.  He is having a great time in Florida, bringing inspiration and healing to marriages.  And together, this week, we have continued to step into the fray – offering hope and healing to marriages and relationships in crisis.

There was great resistance this week and I fought against the unexpected picture. But the presence of the “out of context” picture, gave me an opportunity to LEARN, to GROW and EXPERIENCE miracles.

…. And opportunity to take ANOTHER STEP! More than once!

Don’t try so hard to change the picture – maybe it has a few gifts to give you!



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