Barricades – Outta My Way

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Last night, I listened to a young man speak about dreams and the self-imposed barricades that keep us from our dreams.  I loved it.  He is young, just beginning the journey of defining his life – and he spoke with heartfelt passion.

His words resonated with me.  It was a huge step for me to begin this blog.  I had a barricade that needed to be taken down.  I knew I had to somehow push words out of my introverted soul.  It was daunting and terrifying.   But I have enjoyed this new-found expression of my voice – and at times I have been surprised by the words that have appeared before me.

I have a friend, who trusted me enough to read me words from her journal one evening.  I encouraged her to be courageous and share her words with the world. Maybe I was cheering her on to do something I was fearful of doing myself.  But I DID believe in her, and her words – and she trusted me.  So she forged ahead!  I bounce up and down with excitement when I hear how her words are reaching out  – EXPANDING – and touching more lives than she ever thought possible.  Tandy – you ROCK!  She pushed past barricades – and is enjoying the fullness of living ON PURPOSE.

The words I write are not the same as what my friend pens.  My words reflect a different purpose and path – but I share the same JOY with my friend.  It is the joy of stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a chance.  When I began writing – I was afraid. But I kept hearing “take the step – just take the step….”  It was like stepping off a cliff!

I think our hearts know the path we should take in our lives.  I believe my heart has always held the truth.  But I have erected barricades to keep me safe.  I have viewed previous failures as proof of my inadequacy rather than opportunities to learn.  I have listened to my fears about the risk of failing.  I acquiesced to the voice whispering, “what will people think?”

The barricades I placed in my life have kept my heart imprisoned.  To follow my dreams and my purpose, has meant – and CONTINUES to mean – taking risks, being vulnerable, and being open to unexpected new directions.  In the past I would have said it meant being willing to accept failure.  But really, what is failure?  Maybe it is just an opportunity to do something different.   I used to believe that success was the absence of failure.  But I have changed my perception.

For me, success is pushing through the barricades.  It is being committed to an ongoing pursuit of dreams.  It is letting my heart express its purpose – and touching hearts along the way.  Success is being committed to THE PROCESS – taking another step!

I am in a time of transition in my many areas of my life.  At one point – not so long ago – the thought of “the next step” would have filled me with paralyzing dread.  But I am learning to embrace the rush, and the uncertain tremble inside.  The next step is calling – woohoo! Here I go!

As for my friend who inspires me so …. here is a link to her blog


4 thoughts on “Barricades – Outta My Way

  1. Ronda, we are knocking down those barricades together and when one of us doesn’t have the strength to do it, the other will be right there to help. Together we are an unstoppable team! Dreams here we come!

  2. Jeff Nguyen

    I really like your honesty and admire your courage in “pushing through the barricades”. I can relate to much of what you say and for too long, was afraid to share my voice. I hope to hear more about your journey.

    1. It is funny how transferring my thoughts onto this backlit screen and then hitting SEND has given me courage to speak up and out in many areas of of my life. …and the journey continues! Thanks for your encouraging words!

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