The Mountain Road


Several years ago my family and I took a trip through Glacier National Park, travelling the “Going to the Sun Road.” The road construction was completed in 1932 – and for the most part it remains consistent with the original design. It is an amazing drive – a glorious mountain road, crossing the continental divide.  I remember the breathtaking beauty of the scenery – but also the breathtaking road that clings to the side of the mountain with steep hairpin turns, no shoulders, sharp drop-offs and ancient roadside barriers. I huddled as far from the roadside edge as I could – eyes closed, knuckles white. Although I don’t know what difference that made – if our car went over the edge – I was along for the ride regardless of where I sat!

I am quite anxious driving on narrow mountain roads – but it is not like I have ever even come close to going over the edge. Nonetheless, the terror and perceived danger overwhelms my reason – and sanity. It is one of the times I readily acknowledge that I give into unrealistic and paralyzing fear.

I give into this fear many other times – I just don’t acknowledge or even identify it. Past, present and future – my fears have dictated and continue to dictate my life path. I have arguments to support the preservation of my fears that would fill an ocean! Right now I have a mountain in my life that is waiting to be conquered – but I am afraid. The next question is, why don’t I just rest at the foot of this mountain and be satisfied with my life just the way it is?

Because I know there is more … and I want to experience it!  Experiencing “the more” of life begins with pushing past ACCEPTED and ACCEPTABLE limitations. Today I feel like I am sitting at the foot of a mountain – and I want to experience the view from the top. So this is what I know about the mountain road I travelled several years ago…

  • Someone had the VISION to traverse that mountain.
  • Someone had the DESIRE to share it with the world.
  • Someone had the COURAGE to tackle the project.
  • Someone had the FORTITUDE to begin breaking the path.
  • Someone had the WILL POWER to push through rock.
  • Someone had the MUSCLE to move the stone.
  • Someone had the PASSION to see it through.
  • Someone CONQUERED fear, doubt – and reason.
  • Someone MADE IT HAPPEN.

I have a mountain that I want to be part of my life. I worry that I may not be courageous enough, or strong enough, or skilled enough … or fearless enough for the journey ahead of me. But here I sit, and I do know that I don’t want to experience the mountain from the bottom. Maybe I will have to carve through the side of the mountain. Maybe I will be a fearful passenger for some part of the journey, or maybe I will choose to take the wheel myself. I am not sure what the road will look like or what it will require of me – but I know I want to travel the road.

I guess that means I better get moving!


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