Day 3 – Faith

Untitled design-3Faith.

What is faith to you? Noun or verb?

Faith is a belief rooted in the heart – it is a response to the unseen and often unknown.  It is choosing to believe in something without irrefutable proof. It is belief, it is hope, it is promise. If you believe in God – faith is the word that lands in your heart.

When I am connected to the place I call my heart – I am able to respond to a gentle, quiet prompting or voice that I believe belongs to God. I am passionate about my spiritual life and my faith. It is life giving and life sustaining. My faith fills my heart with peace and joy. It gives my life a firm foundation. I have wandered and explored and returned to the roots of my belief in God. But in this moment I am using generic words – because I don’t want to create a discussion about who is RIGHT and WRONG.  Religion is the framework for our belief systems – it gives structure to the unseen. But the observances, expectations, obligations and appearances of a faith system are rooted in the head, not the heart. I am not speaking of religion.

This is about YOU and YOUR HEART. Faith in ANYTHING is a belief rooted in the heart. You can KNOW in your head, but HEART KNOWING is different. What do you believe in? Whisper or shout the question!

If you want to supercharge, SUPERSIZE love, joy, peace and your heart connection to life – explore faith. Not rules or arguments. Retreat to the quiet place of your spirit – and let your heart grow hungry. Seek. If God is in your life – go deeper, press into your faith. Ask for more.

Let faith sink deep roots into your heart. It will satisfy you – and your heart will tell you so.




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