Day 4 – Passion


Well, this should be a good one!  Of course the word PASSION would be included in this list. And who doesn’t crave more passion in their life? If you have all the passion you desire – the rest of us are all a little envious of you!  It is the stuff movies are made of, the reason books and poetry are written. Sigh.

But passion is more than romance and star crossed lovers. It really is. People are passionate about politics and causes – just look at what is happening in our world.  People can be joyous in their passion or angry and destructive. Often passion looks much like “just plain crazy!” There is something that fires up deep in a person to cause them to leave reason and sanity behind, and follow where passion leads.

So… do you have passion in your life? Are you passionately in pursuit of something, anything?  I think many of us put our passion on MUTE. We care about some things, we love (some) people, we have an interest or hobby or cause that holds our attention … but are we passionate? Is there something that lights a fire in your heart?

Since you are reading this – I have your attention. I am telling you to turn off the mute button! Turn up the passion in your life.  And I am not talking about the bedroom! Take that fiery, breathless feeling and direct it to your life. As you turn up the volume – the faded colours of everyday living will spring to life. But you must decide to choose it. You must choose to desire MORE and be willing to listen to the call.

I recently took up painting. I have always had a creative, crafty, artistic leaning. But life is busy, and families take up time. So for most of my adult life, my creative interests have been the first thing to be put away on the shelf.  But recently I gave myself permission to “play” with painting. I am no Rembrandt – I can’t draw. But I love color! I love feeling the flow and movement of colour on the canvas. I have given myself permission to experiment … and something kind of crazy is stirring in me. I could be dismissive of this feeling or minimize the joy that is surfacing – but why??? It’s okay to decide that I really LOVE this. It is okay to become passionate about it. I am the one who limits what I feel about this new endeavour and adventure.

What things in your life are sitting and waiting for you?  What is beckoning you to dive deeper and explore? It might require time, a commitment, energy, but you never know the LIFE it will release! Make a decision to UNmute your heart and your PASSION. Light a fire – somewhere, ANYWHERE! What are you waiting for?




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