Day 6 – Beauty

Day 6

What makes something beautiful?

I am a very visual person, so beauty usually first resonates with my sense of sight.  Sometimes it is a balance or a contrast of colour or shape that draws me to a moment of appreciation.  I love the mountains (that may be an understatement for those of you who know me).  The majestic view from afar stirs my heart. If I am hiking down some hidden valley trail – my heart is filled to overflowing! The scents, sounds and random perfection of nature around me flood my senses and I feel beauty with my spirit, soul and body.

I appreciate a variety of music. At times I moved by it and I would say it is a piece of beauty. But for my husband – music is often where he experiences beauty.  I watch him become enthralled by the subtle complexities of rhythm and the intricate layers of sound. He hears things that resonate with beauty deep within him. It is magic.

What is beauty for you? Light, colour, sound, emotion, harmony of motion, or disharmony of shape? What moves you to that place of silent wonder?

When is the last time you sat, JUST SAT and let your heart be filled with the beauty before you. Can you cease “the rush” today and let beauty MOVE you?

Our hearts need beauty! It is like vitamins A, B, C and D for our inner life. Don’t become beauty deficient!  Beauty is all around – in vast expanses, and in small spaces.  It is in the movement of people and in the eyes of those we love. Look for beauty, seek it out and then soak it up. Indulge you heart today – find beauty.


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