Day 8 – Responsive

Day 8

What would life look like if I lived from my heart?

This was the question that sat before me. I started to write down words that I thought would capture a description of a heart centred life. One of the words on the page was RESPONSIVE.  Hmmmm – that was a surprise word. I had to roll and ponder and consider this thought around for a while.

Responsive as opposed to reactive.  Responsive as in relational and relationship.

How would my responses look different if I responded from an open heart as opposed to a closed, wounded, shut off, protective, defensive position? How would that feel different?

I don’t think responsive involves a quantity, rather I think it reflects a quality.

Does responsive refer to my relationships with people, or can it include other interactions – like with my dog? I suspect it also involves what happens when I witness a brilliant sunrise or inhale a fresh mountain breeze. What is it that happens in me when am lost in  delight of the delicate sweetness of my favourite dessert? My heart is definitely stirred in those moments. Without doubt, I do respond.

So, if RESPONSIVE is a heart word, here is a question for you – how freely do you let your heart RESPOND when life stirs you? I wonder what life would look like if you lived with an open, warm, fully responsive heart?

I wonder … would life look, feel, BE different? What do you think?


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