Day 10 – Willing

Day 10

“The spirit is willing but the body is weak.”

That is how I feel as I struggle to get my body moving this morning! Everyone is familiar with this saying – I didn’t remember that it is a Bible verse. Another translation reads like this –

“There is a part of you that is eager, ready for anything (in God). But there is another part that’s as lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire.” Matthew 26:41 The Message (parentheses added)

I laughed when I read that version – summed it up quite nicely for me!  I am in a fitness accountability group this month and I can relate to that “sleeping dog” imagery some mornings.  And actually, sometimes everyday life! I experience an “assortment” of internal voices and motivations that I respond to each and every day.  My fitness plan is a good illustration. I am eager to exercise, my mind makes excuses (even reasonable ones) and at times my body does NOT move without a decided push from somewhere. Are you familiar with that dance? Heart, mind and body, we are complicated – and exquisite beings.

Willing. What does that mean for how I live my life today?  If I was willing, I would move forward in some areas of my life, I would look a things from a different viewpoint. Being willing comes from my open heart.  There are many voices vying for my attention. I have a choice as to which one I respond to. So do you.

If you lived your life today with a thought that your heart was “willing” – what possibilities would open up for you?  Embrace possibility. Have faith. Be passionate. Trust. Hope. Find beauty. Be responsive and courageous. Live from your heart today. Listen. Be willing – explore life with this heart word today and see where it takes you ….




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