Day 11 – JOY

day 11


We seek joy to distract us from life – when in reality life distracts us from joy.

What do you think about that statement? Feeling joy is a more natural, pure state of being than feeling depressed, distracted or dissociated. So why do we struggle with finding and remaining in joy?

Watch a small child, a toddler for a time. They explore life. Watch their honest, pure emotions as they discover and experiment with the world around them. Sometimes they are met with an unpleasant surprise which will frighten them – and we witness the manifestation of that emotion. They respond to correction or discipline or a NO with honest emotion as they begin to feel the defining of self and self will. It is unbridled – the “bridling” is what they learn. And what about joy? Have you witnessed a toddler experience joy? There is light that radiates from their eyes, sounds of unrestrained laughter and glee, body responses of running, jumping and bouncing. Joy unbridled. When did we learn to bridle our participation in joy?

Indeed, that is what we have done with joy. We have confined it, put rules around it and around our expression of it. We have decide the “grown up” thing to do is to work and plan, … and worry about our work and our plans. We enter into this activity without restraint. Unbridled.

Our hearts become heavy out of our own creation. We fashion a life full of “shoulds”, expectations and rules. Unbridled requirements. Maybe we have it backwards.  Maybe we need to put a bridle (limit, restriction) on our “grown up” commitments. What if we spent more time in delight – in the releasing of the pure emotion of joy, and less time obsessing about our adult activities? Do you remember joy? Have you forgotten how to enter into joy?

It is never too late – rediscover the innocence of joy. Find a way to let life sparkle in your eyes again. Jump, bounce, laugh, play! Release and unbridle YOUR HEART to experience joy!


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