Day 12 – Dream

day 12

I had a bizarre dream last night. I was driving down the highway, chatting animatedly with my brother as is common with us. Suddenly a small baby tiger ran in front of us – and my brilliant brother started telling me the Chinese name and history of this adorable feline (he does speak Chinese, so this wasn’t so strange.) Then we became aware of an increasing number of animals, exotic animals all across the highway. We realized that a zoo vehicle had released its load ahead of us.  It was a curiosity until we saw that an enormous rhino was loose and chasing vehicles. Suddenly everything became frightfully dangerous as I was trying to evade this raging rhino while driving on an icy road in whiteout conditions on a Northern Alberta highway!  Who can explain this to me?

As crazy as my nighttime wanderings seem – sometimes our real life “heart dreams” seem just as bizarre. When was the last time you ruminated on a personal life dream? AND when was the last time you dared to whisper IT to someone?

Our hearts need to dream … at night and during the day.

Dreams fuel our engagement with life. They encourage us to reach for more. Having “a goal” is the language of the head, it is measured and solid. Having “a dream” is heart language.  It is the fertile birthing ground for goals, but a dream is also the sun and the rain.  Our hearts breathe passion, endurance and vitality into our goals, which is not possible without the dream seed taking root.  A dream is an expression of our individual unique giftings and life callings. It is Gods whisper of how you were intended to beautifully give the world the gift of YOU. Listen to your heart – what were you created to do? Dream – dream bigger, be willing to bloom!

PS – Listen to the Bizarre heart dreams too – there is a message in them! It may be your Gods whisper to you.


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