Day 13 – Attentive

day 13

We lead full lives.

I made it my intention this year not to use the word BUSY – I  was not going to speak it or write it.   But, I am going to break my resolution BIG TIME!  I had made the resolution because I was bothered by how often we ( you, ME, us) use that word to make reasons and excuses for why we are tired, overextended, forgetful, not committed, or detached from life. I decided that if I had to choose another word to describe what I need to describe … I would be more honest. I would have to use words that clarified my intentions and established my true priorities. If I am TOO BUSY – what am I too busy FOR?  If you are TOO BUSY – why?

I am serious when I ask this question – why are you TOO BUSY?  Are you in a habit of over scheduling? Are you NOT scheduling and just heaping more on the TO DO list?  Are you over-responsible  OR not being accountable? Perfectionist? Is it a convenient excuse for being overwhelmed with life?  I don’t ask without some “been there-done that” experience!  I owned my own retail  business, my two sons were involved in high level competitive sport, my husband travelled with his job, I burnt out on all those good “helping” and “serving” things that I was supposed to do. ETC ETC. ETC. I understand. I truly do. Life WAS busy. So I am standing on my little soap box and asking you with gentle kindness and a loving heart – why are you too busy?

This question infers that there are things you are unable to do, or not able to do with an attentive heart because of the “too busy” thing. It is time to get honest and truthful with yourself. What is TOO BUSY an excuse for?  If we are “busy” we don’t pay attention to life!  We allow it to fly by. We forget to savour the sweetness of it – relationships, health , and most importantly our hearts. Your heart. My heart. Our hearts speak quietly and gift us with peace and joy and wisdom. God whispers to our hearts. Are you too busy to listen? You must pay attention. You must become attentive to life.

The heart word for today is ATTENTIVE. It is the word attention in a “state of being” form. BE ATTENTIVE to life today. Be attentive to the subtle messages in the world around you. Be attentive to those you love. Most important – be attentive to your heart. Too Busy? Stop saying the word – listen to what your heart says instead. It might change your life.



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