Day 14 – Promise

day 14The spot on the globe where I live has long winters. Our summers are never quite long enough either. But we do experience beautiful transitions between the seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. One of my favourite sights in early spring is the mounds of wild crocuses that pop up out of the dormant, colour bleached winter hills. The blooms burst open in glorious purple splendour, not a gentle white or subtle yellow! They are purple with a brilliant yellow centre.  It always seems too early or too cold for the delicate flowers to appear – but they know it is the RIGHT time.

The heart experiences promise in the same way.  A promise spans a period of time and a season of waiting. It does not always make itself evident but the commitment is present.

Sometimes the snow has not yet disappeared when these blossoms poke out their silvery purple heads. What marvellous miracle whispers to that dormant bulb in the frozen snow covered ground -“now is the time.” What wakes it and spurs it to life?  But when it opens its petals to the radiant warming sun, it shouts, “winter is almost over, spring is upon us!” Every year. Every year it carries the promise that things are about to change.

Our hearts hold on to promises – we cling to them. They are beauty or sometimes pain. They are more than an agreement or a contract, although they can look similar. A promise has a mystical tie to the heart that pulls us to a deeper place of commitment.  Often we wait with our hearts for the fulfilment of a promise.

What promises does your heart hold on to? Are there promises in your life that it is time for you to fulfill?



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