Day 15 – Action

day 15

Action. Call to Action. Move. Transition. Change. Schedule. BUSY.

We are always in action – aren’t we? Or are we?

What about HEART action and the motion of your heart? Sometimes I believe that the flurry of activity in our lives keeps our hearts paralyzed and immobile. But it is as our heart moves and responds that real life happens. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – it is a law of physics, and a law of the heart. Open your heart, look for opportunities to be in heart motion and be ready for the returning wave.

Have you been kind to someone recently?

Have you shown love to someone you love?

Have you given grace to someone who needs that gift?

Have you smiled?

Have you touched a heart?

Don’t let fear or doubt or procrastination stand in your way. Commit your heart to action today.



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