Day 16 – Listen

day 16

LISTEN is usually an easy word for me. It isn’t necessarily an easy word for many people.  I am blessed to generally have a quiet morning routine. I have strong introvert tendencies, so getting quiet is a joy and I move there with ease. Usually.  NOT this morning! I am flooded and flooding with STUFF!!
Today, LIFE has happened and quiet is nowhere to be found! I am planning a long distance drive to see my son who is dealing with some health issues.  Concern. This is a sudden decision to go, so I have to take care of some business issues before I leave. Stress. ANXIETY.  There is laundry to do before I pack. RUSH. I can’t go grocery shopping today like I intended. WORRY. This is the start of my list …
This is life. It is normal. Wouldn’t you agree?
Over the years I have learned this practice of listening and I can move my heart to that place. But today that quiet place is tight, tense, dark, hard and restless. I am struggling to relax, and breathe deeply. In order to step out of the chaos, I need to become still and LISTEN for the gentle whispers of my heart and wisdom from God. I have to step toward calm in order for calm to come.
This morning as I face my challenges, my thoughts have fought against me as I struggle to to LISTEN. But when I finally become quiet enough, I am able to hear the voice of wisdom that has helped me to restructure my day. I don’t need to panic – there is time for all that is important. I am able to LISTEN as I pray, and I am able to take hold of peace. I am calmer and I can sit still to write my words.
In conversation, the ability to listen cannot happen without me stopping my dialogue.  In relationship, listening means setting aside my agenda and being willing to hear from someone else. Do you need to stop what you are doing for a moment to take time to LISTEN?  And what do you need to listen to? Sometimes it is our kids, or our spouse. Sometimes it is listening for the sounds outside and out of doors. Sometimes it is our heart  and the wisdom it offers us.  This is another place where heart treasure awaits you – take  time  and space to LISTEN today. Find the treasure in it.
Is your heart asking you to listen?

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