Day 18 – Respectful

Day 18-3

Respectful. Respect FULL. Full of respect.

In my head I know what respect is. As a child I was taught to respect and honour my elders, my leaders and ones in authority over me. As an adult I don’t always feel that people in positions of power automatically deserve “my respect” just because they have a bigger title or are publicly visible. (Hmmmm – that may be the rebel in me coming out!)

As I make it my intention to live from a place of authenticity, integrity, and HEART, these thoughts have captured me. It has become important to me to respect individuals and their stories. Life isn’t always easy. People face challenges every day that I can’t begin to comprehend.  They survive or conquer or fall fighting battles that are unseen and not understood. Maybe this is the gift age and my own failings have given me – I understand that one size DOES NOT fit all.

My answers may not be your answers – despite how convinced I am that I am RIGHT. Life is full of chaos and unexpected twists and turns. Your race is not my race. You may not make the same mistakes that I have made, for you have your own to claim. This is the GIFT.  We have the privilege to travel a path, sometimes shared, but  always unique to each one of us. As unique and individual as our fingerprint.

Being opinionated and judgemental is a stance I am familiar with.  But I am making it my intention to change, because living from this stance closes off my heart and makes my world very small.  The heart longs to be expansive and inclusive. It longs to reach out, touch and connect. Heart connection is not made when I am RIGHT and you are wrong – or vice versa. My heart is open when I honour your journey and listen without judgement to your story.

Living from my heart  means that I live in a way that carries acknowledgement for the steps you choose to take, for the unseen battles you have fought and the unique road you have travelled. I does not mean I agree or like it, but I respect the lessons you have  learned and are continuing to learn. There is freedom in this for me. Living life with an attitude of respect expands my world.

What do you think?


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