Day 19- Prepared

Day 19-3

It is ironic that I am writing about this today – or perhaps it is serendipitous.

At the beginning of this month I scheduled the days I would write about specific ideas / words. I prepared my photographic pieces and had draft posts waiting to be filled out. I did NOT have my writing completed ahead of time however, as I had planned to do. Then yesterday, I made a huge mistake – I posted the day as day 19, not day 18! How can I write about being “prepared?”

So, this morning as I was “mulling” (I am an introvert – I often “mull”), I had a profound thought.  A change of perspective came as I was challenged about the absurdity of my writing about the word “prepared.” What DOES prepared mean? It might indicate being scheduled, organized, or in control. Or it might suggest being “prepared for life” which means knowing that life will be full of unforeseen, unanticipated sudden turns and changes. These things happen every day.

On Sunday morning I was prepared for my week, at least I anticipated what my week would look like. By Sunday evening everything had changed. For me this week,  being “prepared” meant being ready for change, letting go of my anticipated schedule and embracing new timing. It meant being adaptable and receptive to what was required in the moment.

Would it have been easier if I had all my blog posts pre-written and prepared? Maybe. Probably. But I have had several precious insights as I have “mulled” and wrote my words based on the circumstances before me. It actually has been wonderful – all of this week. I have enjoyed my unplanned, unexpected time with my son.  But my heart was “prepared.” It was ready and able to flow and move as it needed to . I was “prepared” for life this week – I allowed it unfold as it needed to. I had to let go first, and be open.  Oh – how the heart allows us to participate in life! This week has been a great gift.

Are you prepared?



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