Day 20 – Choice

day 20

Do you become anxious and stressed when you have to make a choice?

Most of our choices and moments of decision making get the “go ahead” stamp from that logical ball located on our shoulders. We are taught from an early age to evaluate, weigh and measure. We gather information, make columns of comparison, and list pros and cons in order to determine the CORRECT course of action. We shake and shudder, groan and quiver – “are we making the RIGHT decision?” Granted, some of you reading this may not struggle with this issue, but a good number of us get locked down in decision making.

Of course there are consequences to bad choices and unwise decisions. When we are dealing with logical head matters, there are always absolutes. “I made the wrong decision. You made a bad choice.”

I am a believer in our life long learning journeys. I believe in the internal growth of a human being more than the outward evidence of achievement. I believe what is in the HEART matters most when the day is done. From this perspective – here is a little nugget to consider – perhaps our wrong decisions and bad choices are intended to be a part of our journey. I am still contemplating the complexities of this statement. I have made detours in my life that have had regrettable and uncomfortable consequences.  I truly wish I had made different choices at certain crossroads in my life. But for better or worse, those moments of decision have shaped me into the person I am today. Were my mistakes a part of my growth journey?Are yours?

When CHOICE is determined as a function of grey matter, we create a narrow place of black and white to get our lives “right.” When our hearts are allowed to weigh in on decision making – we allow room for detours, and GROWTH. Sometimes a seeming misdirection can hold treasure.  This is my thought for today – stop being so hard on yourself and demanding that you get it RIGHT!  Don’t limit yourself to black and white, open your heart to a rainbow of colourful options.

Explore CHOICE – LIVE from your heart.


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