Day 21 – Belief

day 21

What do you believe in?

Close your eyes – be quiet.  Listen. What do you really believe? About yourself. About those you love – or don’t love?  About the world around you – and the world beyond?

Facts live in your head and are easy to find. Belief lives in your heart, and sometimes what is in your heart cannot be captured with words.  It is a different type of KNOWING than what can be proven in your head.  However, life in the heart is not without pain or deception. Denial, justifying, minimizing and deflecting are what we do with our head in order to cope with what is in our hearts.  It is a crazy mixed up dance the heart and the head engage in. But silencing one or the other is not the answer. Often it is easier to mute or twist the heart to control its expression. This is not the way to fully engage in life!  Our hearts were not created to be silent – so listen to it. Listen to the pain, the torment or the silence. Seek healing. It will be found.

The unchained and the forgiven heart can believe in the impossible and unfathomable. The freed heart is a container for great gifts, and has the ability to touch other hearts with greater impact than the mind can comprehend.


Believe in something greater.

The heart is a place of belief.


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