21 Days of Heart Words

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Day One – Be Still

Picture a trampoline.
Have you ever tried carrying on a significant conversation while you were bouncing on a trampoline? Or have you had a serious discussion with someone who was doing the bouncing? This is a fairly accurate visual description of our daily thought life – lots of motion and very few moments of uninterrupted NOT being in action.  Perhaps  an Olympic trampolinist might experience stillness? Their breathtaking  extended stretches of airtime combined with disciplined controlled body motion is a picture of a graceful still form. But most of us cannot accomplish that feat! For many of us, our trampoline  experience is primarily a combination of boinng, boinng, boinnnggg, accompanied by flailing and obvious effort. And it is a picture of our lives.
Have you ever tried stopping on a trampoline?
Stopping our mind is very much like trying to stop on a trampoline. Transitioning our attention to the words in our heart from the nonstop dialogue in our heads is like this. How about attempting to stop the bouncing while holding a glass of water? Do you know how refreshing that water will be after all that bouncing?  It is challenging – but not impossible. The words your heart has for you are life giving, and refreshing – just like the water. And you need water for life. You need your heart to LIVE.
That is the gift your heart gives you, in all its forms – spirit, soul and body!
It whispers – BE STILL.
Can you find a time today when you can become STILL for a moment? Cease your body motion. Close your eyes. Breath deeply.
This is Day One of the journey – practice being STILL. Endure the initial feelings of being impatient and uncomfortable. This is how you prove to your heart that you are willing to listen.
STILL is the prerequisite to listening to your heart.
But it is also the message. And the result. It opens the door to LIFE.






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